Moore to the Story Ep16 - Doesn't Like Butt Stuff or Shirts w/ Caridad & Keon Polee 

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Hanging with Caridad & Keon Polee discussing the history and alternative of taking your husband's name


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Feb 16, 2021




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Jess M.
Jess M. Day ago
THANK GOD I’m not the only one who gets carsick like that. My family stays making fun of me on road trips. If I’m not driving, I need to be sleep.
Vince Vanish
Vince Vanish Day ago
I did not realize that was farron cause the last time I saw her was on a podcast with kev and his wife and she had a fade so I understand Tahir introducing hisself twice to her cause I wouldn’t have recognized her either
Mz. Bee
Mz. Bee Day ago
I'm the same way when dealing with married guy friends. I will always call their wife and be like is your hubby there? It's a respect thing!! Especially if you're contacting them later in the evening. You never want an encounter with someone married be taken out of context
J LS 2 days ago
I hyphenated because I am the the only person with my surname left on my mother's side and I wanted to honor that. It was important to my husband that I take his name and I wanted to honor that as well. My kids have my husband's name.
ELECTRIC PHIL13 4 days ago
Last names are some bullshit. You can be from a swamp and your last name would be Marsh. Or your family farms and it can be Hay or Shepard or Farmer.
Brittany Moore
Brittany Moore 4 days ago
“The commoners” lol 😂 FARREN IS HILARIOUS
Amber Lema
Amber Lema 4 days ago
Love this 💜💜💜💜💜
Roark Curry
Roark Curry 5 days ago
I feel y'all. My first name is Roark. Like, say the word Roar...... now put a 'k' on the end. Roark. One syllable.
Shauna Willis
Shauna Willis 6 days ago
Veganism isn't a weight loss plan. I hate that people treat it like that. That's why people can't maintain it.
Julian Saunders
Julian Saunders 6 days ago
I took my wife last name
Ope Yemi
Ope Yemi 6 days ago
It was a slap in the face to see that my maiden name was not on my new passport. How would my husband feel if he had to give up his name just because he married me? It does make travelling through customs alone with my kids easier otherwise I'll have to get written consent from their dad
Shantyana Rentrope
Good episode! I like the couples' chemistry.
Shantyana Rentrope
I think hyphen is a good compromise. We don't have anymore males on our branch of the family tree, so I want to keep it
Roberto Zeeuw
Roberto Zeeuw 6 days ago
Tahir voice just keeps activating my ok google at 6:34 Anyone else?
B SOLO 6 days ago
@15:46 -- What reason, as an independent woman, would you ever have to get married? Maybe because they weren't independent????
her_kings_queen 6 days ago
Lol, another hilarious episode!!
BetterKnownAsDK 7 days ago
Clicked bc of Caridad's beautiful self being in the thumbnail but stayed to listen to the dope podcast
SiSi Michelle
SiSi Michelle 7 days ago
Ummm yes the police do enforce that bullshit “ nothing hanging from your rear view mirror “ law and will use it to pull you over and search your car when driving black... been there
Ryan Keels
Ryan Keels 7 days ago
Ahhhh wish this was longer. Great episode, Farren
SuperBizzleman 7 days ago
Tahir wife looks like T'keyah Crystal Kemáh and Keon wife looks like J Lo lol
J.T. J'nyce
J.T. J'nyce 8 days ago
I hope they come back for another episode
I'm not completely sure but in Asian culture "son" can be placed at the end of a male or females name. Its a sign of respect. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Angela Skinner
Angela Skinner 8 days ago
Tahir! I can tell you've lost weight bro! Skin look'n all bright.
Phenomenon The Poet
Farren and Caridad have such compatibility. Love these gals.❤️
Tiffany Bell
Tiffany Bell 8 days ago
There’s always a kindred spirit. 🗣group chats are annoying! Send my message separately.
Jackie Newson
Jackie Newson 8 days ago
Don't knock the hyphen to you try it! Mine has been hyphenated for almost 20 years.😉
Kameron Johnson
Kameron Johnson 9 days ago
The air does not burn the gas ⛽️
Wallace N.
Wallace N. 9 days ago
This was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Ebony Moore
Ebony Moore 9 days ago
We didn’t have a wedding either. If the family wants a wedding, let them pay for it!
Q Mac
Q Mac 9 days ago
The chemistry here is great
Stassi Parris
Stassi Parris 10 days ago
After my divorce, I decided to keep his name. It is just a name at this point. Funny enough, the Judge seemed shocked when I said I would keep his name. He didn't oppose it either.
CiciSina P
CiciSina P 10 days ago
Lol “also the - never signed up for that” lol cadi needs to be on zooming next time the wives/ladies are on lol
David Europe
David Europe 10 days ago
Keon and I had the same dilemma. Folk assumed I had bank because I had both parents. Nigga all I knew was check to check living. And I'm frugal af to this day. A sale is a brand new fully loaded luxury car going for 10K. Lotion for 50 bucks that was noramlly 100 is a goddamn scam lol. I will say it would bug me if my wife decided she didn't wanna take my name. We'd have to discuss where it's coming from. At the very least hyphenate that mug lol. As for marriage as a whole, I just see it as a commitment and a partnership. Not interested in a big ridiculous wedding. Just a dope party and a dope honeymoon would suffice.
Ask Coach K
Ask Coach K 10 days ago
My hubby took mine and I took his now we both are the same. My maiden name became both of our middle names. And gave it to my son as a middle initial.
Vaughn Powell
Vaughn Powell 11 days ago
Are these laws about women confined to a certain country?
Tinisha Turner
Tinisha Turner 11 days ago
Why are two of my best female friends living in Cali. #imnotastalkeroracreeperijustlovethesetwosomuchtheyaresoawesomeahonedaywewillmeetandcontinueourfriendshipgirlpowerhbhm
Gillian Franklin
Gillian Franklin 11 days ago
I think you should do podcast on wedding rings? Is it really necessary to have one and doesn't really have to be diamond who started this ritual of the Ring on a woman's hand it has always been men's ring the way that that start.? This podcast was Great loved every minute of it.
Etecia Brown
Etecia Brown 11 days ago
Have the Polees on again!
Mujera Lung'aho
Mujera Lung'aho 11 days ago
Sway 11 days ago
Gotta do a part 2 with them !
Monica Carter
Monica Carter 11 days ago
I know with Pakistan sons their last names is their father's first name.
Robert Wood
Robert Wood 11 days ago
Men open the door for marriage Women open the door for sex
Therion Coston
Therion Coston 12 days ago
Keon: "the Polee's are here" Subtitles: "the police are here"😂😂😂😂
Miss Mo
Miss Mo 12 days ago
The last name thing is in so many cultures..its interesting 😊
tinaamariee😘 12 days ago
I love this podcast but Tahir gotta work on cutting off Farren & derailing the entire convo. It makes it hard to follow & we only get like 15 min on the actual topic of the video. *(To be clear this is constructive criticism from a place of love & wanting to see y’all succeed)*
thagrandpubah 7 days ago
@TheRachelExperience _ Right!
TheRachelExperience _
farren talks too slow! there would be too much dead air.... her personality is dry so she relies on him a lot.
Leshoko Pelo
Leshoko Pelo 12 days ago
At 29:45 I noticed how simpler things are in the western culture when it comes to a child’s surname when they’re born. In African culture, specifically South African, if the parents aren’t married, the father has to pay “damages” to the mother’s family for basically impregnating their daughter without marrying her first, in order for the child to take his surname. Otherwise, the child takes the mother’s surname by default.
Leshoko Pelo
Leshoko Pelo 10 days ago
@David Europe I can imagine. I was referring more to an additional layer of complexity that our culture can add. And this is with everything we do. Not just naming our children. Not to minimise your experience. I was just highlighting something that I realised black people in the west don’t have to deal with.
David Europe
David Europe 10 days ago
I went through hell with my son's last name to the point where she said she regretted giving him my last name. It may seem simple, but the emotional trauma stuff like this can cause is very real.
Ricki Reign
Ricki Reign 12 days ago
Cari is so funny! I enjoyed you all’s banter.
Jolie Fille
Jolie Fille 12 days ago
I get motion sickness like that too!
Appocollege 12 days ago
It was “Dottir” for girls so Hela in MCU would be Hela Odinsdottir. It was a Scandinavian thing. Real talk I learned that The vampire diaries
Leonnie Dickens
Leonnie Dickens 4 days ago
Fun fact: In Iceland, you have to petition the government to have a non-traditional name. Over 90% of the population is either -son or -dottir.
Chastidee Hudson
Chastidee Hudson 12 days ago
Farren accent so alive, I thought she said, "Uncle Tam".
Chastidee Hudson
Chastidee Hudson 5 days ago
@Kim Jordan Oh, yeah, so you probably can't hear it. Somebody told me that she and I sound alike. I was like, Sir...😄.
Kim Jordan
Kim Jordan 5 days ago
I’m seeing comments of people saying Farren’s accent and I’m like, what accent? But I’m from the Midwest too so I get it.
Dawn 12 days ago
The reason married women have | continue to take their husband's name: Genesis 3:16 "To the woman He said, "...your desire (longing, craving) will be for your husband...”
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 12 days ago
Caridad gotta be Puerto Rican. She looks it and her last name was Rivera 🇵🇷💪🏾
SSMe _
SSMe _ 12 days ago
I really enjoy the episodes with guest couples/friends.
LK_ C 12 days ago
This was such a great episode! I love the Polees so much they always crack me up! You have to do a part 2 with them!
Rommie Brown
Rommie Brown 12 days ago
I wish we still had descriptive last names. Like Tahir the Big Gums (Gummore) or Keon the Shirtless
K Mac
K Mac 12 days ago
Caridad has a great speaking voice .. that is all .. shout out to all these comedians with talented wives !
Shantyana Rentrope
I agree. I like her voice.
NoSugarJustSpice 10 days ago
Right. She sounds so sweet and energetic. I sound like I'm mad at the world even when I'm in a good mood, lol
1dopequeen 12 days ago
Farren speaks really low or I'm deaf. I am only struggling to hear her.
Taijh Robinson
Taijh Robinson 12 days ago
Tahir losing weight
Doc Bee
Doc Bee 12 days ago
I was just thinking about missing Caridad she is hilarious ‼️
stryfetc1 12 days ago
Y'all should put time stamps in the description.
BigBoiBleu 12 days ago
My girl be looking at me the way Caridad looks at Keon. Nothing feels better than that
Ricki Reign
Ricki Reign 12 days ago
BigBoiBleu 12 days ago
butt stuff be feeling good. but whatever makes you comfortable. You gotta trust your partner to respect your "red, yellow and green lights"
BigBoiBleu 10 days ago
@Craig Christian guilty. LH represent!!
Craig Christian
Craig Christian 10 days ago
You been listening to the LoveHour
blazinboi031 12 days ago
Dope. Now Tony & Sabrina
DESMOND JONES 12 days ago
Why do women drop their family name. You're supposed to drop your middle. Your family name becomes the middle and the married is the last
MsTiffanyChanel 12 days ago
Devion May
Devion May 12 days ago
In reference to the “daughter” question: I believe it’s usually dutch. but the last name “sigmunsdottir” is just Sigmuns Daughter in translation
Tess TM
Tess TM 12 days ago
Icelandic? Or other countries up that area.
T Hawk
T Hawk 12 days ago
House phone number ?!!!! Tahir hella funny
PARISJAY JAY 12 days ago
Keon if you have girl triplets, name them Isda, Weda, & Sheda, Poleeto keep bad kids away .... I'll see myself out
nikkimarie 12 days ago
She probably kept it because she has kids with the ex and they have that last name.
Yaa LeeUce
Yaa LeeUce 12 days ago
This is not the podcast to watch when eating hot pockets😂😂I’ll be back
Shan TheGem
Shan TheGem 12 days ago
iHate that group chat shit toooo! Nooooooo THAT shit doesn’t work cuz when you silence the chat you STILL get the alllll the FUCKING pointless assss notifications ‼️
Vanessa Alvarenga
Vanessa Alvarenga 12 days ago
I had an issue with people saying my last name I know it’s long but sound it out Al- Va- Ren- Ga; I am not asking for it to be said in Spanish. I would get Alvarenjeeah, Alvarenjay like it’s a g and a gah 🙄🙄
Great episode!!
Target Sunshine
Target Sunshine 12 days ago
Ok so I haven’t seen the first part of this it started with butt butt (KevOnStage voice) and I was like unmmm what ! But still funny. These couples are beautiful 💙
Alys Hodges
Alys Hodges 12 days ago
I like the latest thing of making your middle name your maiden name once you marry.
Deonka Mathis
Deonka Mathis 12 days ago
I’m the same way with motion sickness. I cannot focus on anything else or I get nauseous
Joshua Nickens
Joshua Nickens 12 days ago
Lady was collecting them last names like infinity stones
Atma 12 days ago
Jasmine Martin
Jasmine Martin 12 days ago
Dani Gray
Dani Gray 12 days ago
I love this convo! I learned so much. Our names are so important. I lean more on do what makes you feel good about how you show up in the world. If your name precedes you, in a negative way, change it. If it’s unique like Tahir, Farren, Caridad, or Keon Poleeeeee (lol), then keep it !
Rosita 12 days ago
This had me dying
juicy0975 12 days ago
Again perfect point, everything goes to the man's name until kids. America only country that criminalizes fatherhood. Glad to have this episode y'all are so fun!!!
D James
D James 12 days ago
7:14-7:23 😂😭
brian buachie
brian buachie 12 days ago
Idk if there are any anime fans but my face when she said her middle name is Sakura 😅... like damn it couldn’t be Hinata or something? Lol
Andre Belfon
Andre Belfon 12 days ago
Great show. Taking my name though. 🤣🤣
Howard Roberson
Howard Roberson 12 days ago
Favorite episode yet, this entire episode was me and my wife
Charley Patterson
Charley Patterson 12 days ago
Caridad needs to be on Wording is hard
J.T. J'nyce
J.T. J'nyce 8 days ago
I agree
Teriyaki又 11 days ago
Yes please haha
Chumad 12 days ago
Lol had this on my bluetooth speaker at work. Yall open up with butt stuff and clean poop gang. 😆😆😆 never using my speaker again.
Atma 12 days ago
lmao omg
Imani Johnson
Imani Johnson 12 days ago
I love Cari
Floyd's Tech Reviews
Running the A/C DOES burn more gas. I think what Keon is talking about is the comparison between riding with all the windows down at highway speeds (creates more drag and burns more gas) vs riding at highway speed with the windows up while running the AC (less drag but putting a bit more strain on the engine running the AC) they tend to level out fuel consumption but notice this is at highway speeds... ride around the city with AC will definitely burn more gas. There's more to it but I don't want to completely nerd out because nobody cares 🤣🤣🤣
K Ford
K Ford 12 days ago
I love this podcast Farron you're so down to earth I love it keep the interviews coming girl you are the real deal
jh1 25
jh1 25 12 days ago
Never get state married because it's just another way for the state to own you.
Prescieoues Angel
Prescieoues Angel 12 days ago
Soooo refreshing to have real couples share their experiences. ❤
Just Jq
Just Jq 12 days ago
Caridad is such a beautiful woman. She’s so stunning and has a wonderful personality 🥰
Stimpson J. Cat
Stimpson J. Cat 12 days ago
Hey Farren!!! Great show!!! I've heard people say they just didn't want to be the only person in the house with a different name. I really didn't care but when we got married I changed my name more because it was just the next step in the paperwork and it makes it easier when I handle hubby's business for him.
quickpolar97 12 days ago
Having the light on is illegal. Your more likely to be found guilty of driving while black
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 12 days ago
Keon’s wife got that glow!
Kyng David
Kyng David 12 days ago
*Can we please give an applause to Tahir & Keon for having BEAUTIFUL and GREAT wives 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Not to mention they cool AF too....*
kevin smith
kevin smith 12 days ago
Me: Pulls out the now stale bag of Hot Cheetos whose seal was breached 4⃣ days ago, thanks to Tahir's tricky trick of a teaser. Also me: crunch* crunch* 🤔"Still Good" 😁
YourHighness Bamm
YourHighness Bamm 12 days ago
I’m the same as Caridad when he comes to banks and money. Whoever I marry will have to be like Keon 😂 Control my spending 😂
Walter and Davisha Jackson
OMG... My husband has been controlling my spending for years. I cannot be trusted.
Mark Teague
Mark Teague 12 days ago
Legendary couples 🙌🏾
Reggie Brasby
Reggie Brasby 12 days ago
If you have a daughter it wouldn't be john daughter her last name would just be john
I'm Leaving YouTube
I'm Leaving YouTube