Rell Battle Sneak Peek! - Wording Is Hard 

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Rell Battle joins me on the next Wording is Hard, and he is an actor...
Episode premieres Wednesday Wednesday February 17th!

2.2.05 by BOPD


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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 17   
Udoro Gatewood
Udoro Gatewood 8 days ago
Now I need to look him up...this was hilarious 不不不不不
Chanel Coleman
Chanel Coleman 8 days ago
those shoulders were moving.
hyrsk1552 8 days ago
Saw you in the Chase commercial, Big ups to bro
Kay Pavagas
Kay Pavagas 8 days ago
I can't wait to see that episode. By the way where is the "wording is hard" merchandise!?
Kenya Pressley
Kenya Pressley 8 days ago
(2734) Mom Finds Tons of Spiders in Daughters Room - US-first
Sophia 8 days ago
Yesssssss! Love me some Rell! He is hilarious! And those talking about how he looks......I would loooove to see what you look like behind those profile pictures, because I KNOW......you know what......its nearly Sunday.......
MilfGalore 8 days ago
@Tiff's Take talkin about his head and his face. I guess he wasnt as fine as they manly ass mamas. I hate ppl sometimes.
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 8 days ago
What they say about his looks? He looks pretty normal to me. 仄撾儭
MilfGalore 8 days ago
Major Wilkes Jr.
Major Wilkes Jr. 8 days ago
I just want her laugh out loud 1 time . JUST 1 !
Major Wilkes Jr.
Major Wilkes Jr. 5 days ago
@Courtney d no no . I mean OUT LOUD like Tahir does . I want to see her completely loose it .
Courtney d
Courtney d 5 days ago
She did laugh in the episode with Ronnie Jordan
Courtney d
Courtney d 8 days ago
Whaaa!! Rell!!!
SJ 4Life75
SJ 4Life75 8 days ago
viraleffectz 8 days ago
Rell is funny af but why he look like D'Von Dudley 不
Lady Lex
Lady Lex 8 days ago
"I'm my own crab, in my own barrel" sounds like an odd way of saying I'm my own worst enemy.
Mz. Phatbaldkat
Mz. Phatbaldkat 8 days ago
Gontse Tsipa
Gontse Tsipa 8 days ago
I'm my own crab and my own barrel
Vando F.
Vando F. 8 days ago
Kev may have met his match, Rell got the biggest head in the game right now.
viraleffectz 8 days ago
Megamind vs The Fantastic 4-Head
E Smith
E Smith 8 days ago
The shoulders
Reggie Lee
Reggie Lee 8 days ago
Rell is a strange looking human. That is all.
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 8 days ago
She graduated from Harvard and Howard at the same time!