Zooming With the Homies (ZWTH) - EPISODE 136 

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Feb 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
YoungBlood20101 7 days ago
Intro hard af!!!!! On God lmao
Erik Singletary
Erik Singletary 8 days ago
Tahir's frames are 🔥
Bryan Devaughn
Bryan Devaughn 11 days ago
"You ever been socked in your chest by a blood?" TEDDY RAY IS FUCKING HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
dtayl303 11 days ago
I've accepted Ty as ADD fam shes as good as Meg and Precious to me
oculusdexter x
oculusdexter x 11 days ago
yeah zooming with the homies is my go to. its always a guarantee good time
Ill-Mind Of Drewski
Tahir is becoming a household name and I’m loving it, mane. Midwest in the building.
Jasmine Lawson
Jasmine Lawson 15 days ago
All this needed was cp and pat 🤣 i love it
Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren 16 days ago
Lmao on the HI-V is so damn ignorant 🤣
MsTiffanyChanel 18 days ago
Yohanes Paruntu
Yohanes Paruntu 18 days ago
It’s Galen Hooks for me.
Victor Bobo
Victor Bobo 19 days ago
I would love to see the models for them cakery shorts
The Black League
The Black League 19 days ago
The Black league clothing on Instagram got Kracka Killa jerseys yall
Winter Adams
Winter Adams 19 days ago
How is Teddy so funny!? Bruhhhh. He says “wow” and I die laughing. The way he says it lmfaooo
Raine Soke
Raine Soke 19 days ago
I aint seen ty and dlai on the same show in a minute 👀
Raine Soke
Raine Soke 19 days ago
This theme song hard af
ScootzBronsen TV
ScootzBronsen TV 20 days ago
Ty Davis is a star!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Im going to subscribe to all her pages. She has a natural funny
Dejaun Palmer
Dejaun Palmer 20 days ago
I like Ty shirt
Dejaun Palmer
Dejaun Palmer 20 days ago
Ty is so damn fine it’s crazy 😍
Tomah Robinson
Tomah Robinson 21 day ago
Tuanshay Bryant Jr.
You need a episode with Tony, Kev, BT, CP, and Sydney. Asap
TheJerseySlice 22 days ago
I want to be Teddy and Precious’ friend so bad.. the whole crew is flee and anyone would be blessed to be in the crew but man they really mad funny and chill
iheartavejoe 22 days ago
Get Tony Some Weigh Protein 😂
Taj Mula
Taj Mula 22 days ago
Ty moves her head a lot whether it is in agreeance with others or just talking shawty neck rollin ode 😂
Taj Mula
Taj Mula 22 days ago
Once i seen the thumbnail i had to watch but am i the only one that doesn’t like the theme song 😂
Christon Byrd
Christon Byrd 23 days ago
Mcrib on the Mcgriddle sound fire
bigtimbo34 25 days ago
Yo when Syd went into the fresh prince story said I see why y’all be hooping lol 😂
Who Watching
Who Watching 25 days ago
Ty like Pat. Stop playing. That shit obvious a.f.😁
Venetia B
Venetia B 25 days ago
And Sabrina needs to model the cakery shorts!
Venetia B
Venetia B 25 days ago
“I see some square footage” “I see 2 or 3 stories” 🤣🤣 Teddy is hilarious
Tanjirio 24
Tanjirio 24 20 days ago
You beautiful queen
Venetia B
Venetia B 25 days ago
The golden girl conversation 😂😂😂😂
Big Jefé
Big Jefé 26 days ago
Look at Tahir, he fuckin that shit UUUUUUPPPP! Eat eat eat eat uglass!
Benita Hecker
Benita Hecker 26 days ago
Boomerang is my favorite movie.
LJ Thomas
LJ Thomas 26 days ago
Ty talking about D Lai
Olivia Roberson
Olivia Roberson 26 days ago
Oh I really really like the intro #RewatchGang
Cairo livingston
Cairo livingston 26 days ago
Can we note that everyone loves Teddy bc he is consistently funny and so humble about everything? No matter the setting man brings the energy!
Smilez_Uneeke 365
Smilez_Uneeke 365 26 days ago
I know exactly what part of sister act 2 Syd talking about reminds me of me as a young lady fan girling over the light skinned guy singing in the bathroom on lean on me! Super random lol
Mark Talley
Mark Talley 26 days ago
Helen Mirren can get it though
Ace Boogie
Ace Boogie 26 days ago
Micheal B Jordan Was In The Wire As A Kid Lol
BIG JEFF 26 days ago
"It's more muffin tops than abs on the planet " Teddy is ridiculous man 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #REWATCHGANG💪🏾🤣
Kabir Grewal
Kabir Grewal 26 days ago
One of the best Zooming lineups in a bit
Tee Sherese
Tee Sherese 26 days ago
Timothy Olyphant is my Wolf Blitzer
Tee Sherese
Tee Sherese 26 days ago
I’m all for the CAKERY merch!! #rewatchgang
KamilLeo Dub
KamilLeo Dub 26 days ago
Teddy right, all I got are 🌮. 😆
Miss J
Miss J 26 days ago
I so enjoyed this Zoom. Thank you for being vessels that have poured into all of us through your gifts.
Adrian S.
Adrian S. 26 days ago
RewAtch gang
Robyn Louise
Robyn Louise 26 days ago
Come thru intro song! Love it😊
bedde bedde
bedde bedde 26 days ago
53:13 Tony playing the violin while Tahir is venting XD pure genius!
Lin C
Lin C 26 days ago
❤ teddy ray
Lena Coleman
Lena Coleman 26 days ago
Latenz Tate could take this in any direction he wanted, respectfully tho bc he married married
Luron Sims
Luron Sims 26 days ago
Re-watch gang!! I love the theme song!💯😂
KamilLeo Dub
KamilLeo Dub 26 days ago
That Boomerang apt. is still bomb even with today's standards.
Dani Gray
Dani Gray 26 days ago
“Tahir’s first words were goo goo gaa gaa I’m 12”- Teddy 😂😂😂😂😂
Dani Gray
Dani Gray 24 days ago
@Kyle Steen nearly every phrase Teddy says is gold, I look for the small comments :)
Kyle Steen
Kyle Steen 25 days ago
Why didn’t they catch that? It KILLED me!
Tray Lee
Tray Lee 26 days ago
I knew from the flyer that this lineup would be A1🙌🏾
Tray Lee
Tray Lee 26 days ago
I’ve been side eyeing Aubrey since I found out he was bestfriends w/ the lil girl from Stranger Things. Uhm, sir. What do you two have to text about🧐? & Chris? His fans like his weird ass regardless so let me hush lol
Denzel Crawley
Denzel Crawley 26 days ago
Aye that veggie burger from The Habit is LEGIT!!
msvanisEE 26 days ago
Nola Lady Lovely
Nola Lady Lovely 26 days ago
Rewatch gang in the building!! Fell asleep and the phone battery gave up. But I'm back to catch the rest.
rome77099 26 days ago
My wolf Blitzer is Donna Brazille....man
Germaine Thomas
Germaine Thomas 26 days ago
I deem myself the Late morning Watch Moore Mod. I am in Sweden and waking at 4am was killing me so I always watch the show in the morning or in the evening while making dinner. I remember your FIRST last year and i was awake and hung for the 4 hours of laughter. I have watched everyone of them. Much Love and honor to you Tahir for starting this wonderful forum for us, and all of your Comedic colleagues for showing themselves here and to the world. Yes, I DO push your show and got many of my friends Hooked. Loved you all tonight. I hope I get to see you all performing face to face in the next year maybe here in Stockholm.
brandon mason
brandon mason 26 days ago
Wolf Blitzer..now we cookin😂😂😂 Mine would be Sunny Anderson😘
Domonique Monet
Domonique Monet 26 days ago
My one and only Wolf Blitzer is black and it's Jeffrey from Fresh Prince!! 😛🥰😍
Dridri1212 26 days ago
😄 wth
Dari Queen
Dari Queen 26 days ago
This was a good ass episode 👏🏾
Jerron Garner
Jerron Garner 26 days ago
Vicki Lawrence is my Wolf Blitzer as well. She can get Lamb BASTED!!
Dari Queen
Dari Queen 26 days ago
Happy Black History Month Fam 🤎
Anthony J
Anthony J 26 days ago
it's always a good vibe when tuning in to the show. I laughed so hard at things i should have lol. Syd sliding the cashapp into everything worked EVERY SINGLE TIME 😂😂
kara Washington
kara Washington 26 days ago
AIC54 26 days ago
Low Key: BAKERY looks better on the shorts!! I wouldn’t change it to Cakery
sircharles9166 26 days ago
So we just going to ignore that the mcbrisket sounds fire?
Nicole Jordan
Nicole Jordan 26 days ago
Tahir really been in his bag with these line ups! This is another one that was absolute perfection.
Dion Kimble
Dion Kimble 26 days ago
Shana_D 26 days ago
Yo Syd with that blind story was hilarious. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Dridri1212 27 days ago
Rajon Rondo is my "Wolf Blitzer" That's bae 😍😍😄
Roark Curry
Roark Curry 27 days ago
That theme song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cairo livingston
Cairo livingston 27 days ago
Not demons in TY's forehead lmaoooo This is a good group frfr the chemistry is there👏🏾
Domonique Monet
Domonique Monet 26 days ago
Jamie Cousins
Jamie Cousins 27 days ago
Helen Mirren is mad sexy!!!!
Hali B.
Hali B. 27 days ago
We gon talk about these niggas too-Ty Davis 😂
Lola DJ
Lola DJ 27 days ago
Ms. Ty Davis look up niko moon this speaking on your hot news reporter 😂😂😂😂 I know it’s black month! 👀👀
Jimmy Kingsman
Jimmy Kingsman 27 days ago
Dope lineup lol
Terrence Willis
Terrence Willis 27 days ago
This my favorite show for real. Its like a podcast on sterioids
Domonique Monet
Domonique Monet 26 days ago
CreativelyCoiled 27 days ago
This is one of the best episodes, for sure!
BRANDON 27 days ago
This is now in the top ten of #ZWTH episodes imo.
maNcube 27 days ago
Tony look out, quit smiling with your dimpled self. Look at who you came to see🎶 we're the dimps u better.
M.T.dot 27 days ago
The new intro....ohhhh yeah! Yes, yesss!
Bejay LaGrone
Bejay LaGrone 27 days ago
We need Kountry Wayne and Shuller King on a show together.
diontae robinson
diontae robinson 27 days ago
You are now watching "Hooming with the Zomies, I mean Zooming with the Homies...Hey Tom".....Fuckin Love It!
Evolvingmama 27 days ago
Favorite part 🔥🥃
carliney 27 days ago
John Malcovich is my Wolf Blitzer. 😍
djfoodanddrank 27 days ago
Rewatch Gang!! This episode FLEW by
Ciara A
Ciara A 27 days ago
Haha when Ty said Wolf Blitzer I hollered 🤣🤣🤣🤣 haha he got a kind face though
Dee Swann
Dee Swann 27 days ago
"Who taught y'all to change a tire?" Sydney ain't shit🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
A H 27 days ago
I support Tahir bfast brisket eating as well as tony jordan 1s fetish. Have you owned son jordan 1s? They're attention grabbers and a simple fly. I hate the new jordan releases but the 1s are dope asf
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson 27 days ago
#RWG Damn good comparison of Clint Eastwood being the white Morgan Freeman.
Keith Robertson
Keith Robertson 27 days ago
This was a 🔥🔥🔥 episode.
Roganda Pettaway
Roganda Pettaway 27 days ago
This really was a great episode! This was a really good mix of comedians. The reasons for giving on cashapp was HILARIOUS! 😂😂😂
Regina Mitchell
Regina Mitchell 27 days ago
Idk why Tahir insists on talking with a mouth full of food!🤮🤦
Nisha Nish
Nisha Nish 27 days ago
I was fussing at the screen "Nie Tahir too grown to be talking with food in his mouth like that!"
LinesToLife Com
LinesToLife Com 27 days ago
Ms Lynne Whitfield
L. Tomahawk
L. Tomahawk 27 days ago
This episode was funny af. The Cash App jokes 😂
Mary T
Mary T 27 days ago
Vincent d'onofrio in law&order.
KeAubrey Sumpter
KeAubrey Sumpter 27 days ago
omg Zooming with the Homies had a star stellar line up last night I definitely love everyone on there
Lalita Pruitt
Lalita Pruitt 27 days ago
Just now getting a chance to tune in and watch, love all of you and the content y'all put out. Much appreciated. ❤️❤️🎬🎬🥃🥃🥃🧐🧐🧐🍠🍠🍠
A H 27 days ago
My off the beaten path top 5 Rick ross French montana Ty$ Dc young fly Frank from dish nation Honorable mention: fu