Zooming With The Homies (ZWTH) Episode 140 

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Feb 8, 2021




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Comments 98   
Paislygrey 6 days ago
People pulling up late head getting a little big no respect shown
I never heard of Big Pooh. Not a fan of rap however i really like his energy. Seems very nice and funny amd down to earth. And Ty. WE LOVE YOU GIRL. The Auntie we all want lol
André X
André X 16 days ago
Somebody tell Tony that sample is from "Whatever Goes Around"
KamilLeo Dub
KamilLeo Dub 17 days ago
I like people on my own terms! Yeeeessss Tahir & Poo
KamilLeo Dub
KamilLeo Dub 17 days ago
Tony Baker is in hip hop heaven! 🤣🤣🤣
Whitney B
Whitney B 17 days ago
I agree with Pooh on Sweetie Pie's.
Derak Mayfield
Derak Mayfield 17 days ago
Rewatch gang here
S G 18 days ago
I've never seen Tony baker so happy 🤣
Tam B
Tam B 18 days ago
MsTiffanyChanel 18 days ago
G Sypha
G Sypha 18 days ago
Stop typing!
Roark Curry
Roark Curry 19 days ago
Man, I can't wait to see Big Pooh on Wording is Hard! Also, I love seeing how excited Tony and Tahir got when Pooh said he was gonna be on all Tahir's shows. That's love!
Melisa G
Melisa G 19 days ago
This was great show! Laughed so much. Y'all always put me in a good mood. Got my Ticket for Tony's show. NAd followed Big Pooh. Greeting from the Netherlands
nyashalot 4960
nyashalot 4960 19 days ago
Loving the theme song
Koala_Penguin 19 days ago
Tahir's said PLENTY of times that he tried coke 🤣
JONES03 J 19 days ago
Rewatch gang!
Herb Bass
Herb Bass 19 days ago
Craig can rap rap
KJMobby 19 days ago
Ty's eye shadow is sooo pretty on her!!
D Foster
D Foster 19 days ago
He was already one of my favorite rappers, but wow. Real recognize real. Rapper Big Pooh for the win!
Carla Small
Carla Small 19 days ago
Yo this intro be having me wining something vicious in my office chair 💃🏽
Lamarr Williford
Lamarr Williford 19 days ago
That fool said, "Come get theses ghosts."
Reggie Brasby
Reggie Brasby 19 days ago
Tony is like a kid in the candy store
The Qarnain
The Qarnain 19 days ago
Being a truck driver for awhile made me start listening to Audiobooks while I'm driving rather than music. After 11 hours driving 7 days a week, all music starts to sound the same. I need the talking and story telling to keep me awake.
kara Washington
kara Washington 19 days ago
Rewatch gang. Ty davis gives me life alll the time i love her!!!
00zae 19 days ago
yall got me laughin before the punch line even get to me lmaaaaaooooooopoooo
Dani Gray
Dani Gray 19 days ago
@tahirmoore thanks for this show. I always learn something. I grew up extremely sheltered so a lot of cultural references I don’t get. Having Big Pooh has me downloading all this music!!!! Tony’s excitement was the validation🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
ElixR 19 days ago
Do shrooms after a good therapy session tahir
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 19 days ago
Tahir really gotta spend that money get and get himself a shure mic cause that mic he got is whats causing the feedback. I got one, and whenever you get close to it with jewelry on it does that click click buzz sound.. Tahir 🗣🗣 if you see this or if one of your mods do, tell him get the MV7 USB microphone. You got that Tahir! Upgrade the mic cause the condenser mic is tripping.
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 19 days ago
@Jyhit I sent Hippie goals a DM on IG about it, hopefully she sees it and can get the word across to him because it will make the viewing experience smoother! The feedback is janky!
Jyhit 19 days ago
this advice was not meant for me but thank you Tiff!!
Tanesha Tyler - Carr
Comedian Visionary Speaks
Watching Tahir and Tony FAN OUT is so cute!! Rewatch GANG
Cecilia Fagan
Cecilia Fagan 19 days ago
Rewatch Gang!🥃🥃🥃
Dane Hawkins
Dane Hawkins 19 days ago
Ty Davis is the only "First Lady" we've been seeing lately. Where's Jackie and Taccara been?
Hippie Goals
Hippie Goals 19 days ago
Jackie is on the show tonight! Pull up :)
Germaine Thomas
Germaine Thomas 19 days ago
I am HERE!! Euro Zoom Krew! This one is crazy funny. I love Ty to the mountain and back! She reminds me so much of my oldest sister. Strong woman, funny. The excitement Tony has meeting Big Pooh is Crazy exciting. I'm happy to see him too! Love seeing Keenan. Tahir, YOU are the ONE!
Education Earth
Education Earth 19 days ago
Ty is perfect. Remember the first time on zoomin she was so down and not in a good spot it was hard to see that perfect smart a$$ beautiful personality. Now she is a damn star 💫 I tune in for Ty!
K BEVERLEE 19 days ago
Sweetie Pies is mediocre 🤷🏾‍♀️
tavaris carmichel
tavaris carmichel 19 days ago
I was at 56 per hour
CEO Bizor
CEO Bizor 19 days ago
That theme song fire
D Jilla Fo Rilla
D Jilla Fo Rilla 19 days ago
Tahir be like heres the thing everytime before he say sum lol
Isaiah 19 days ago
It would be dope to get kraig on wording is hard.
EUROSIVE 20 days ago
ok yall where is Jackie Fabulous?? is she back on the road
EUROSIVE 19 days ago
@Hippie Goals we love to see it
Hippie Goals
Hippie Goals 19 days ago
Jackie is around and actually on tonight's show :) - Tahir is continuing to give us variety and great shows at the same time :)
DESMOND JONES 20 days ago
@tahirmoore You aint gonna relax on shrooms. Thats a hallusinagen. Polka-dot elephants and shit
Redefine Apparel
Redefine Apparel 20 days ago
✊🏾👑❤️🖤💚 DMV stand up
Shana_D 20 days ago
Ayyyyeeee Big Pooh. S/O to the Carolinas! Little brother was the soundtrack to my college years.
derrick Hillburn
derrick Hillburn 20 days ago
Little Brother in the the house! No way!
Vision One 76
Vision One 76 20 days ago
Kraig Facts 5150!!!
TheFirst48 20 days ago
Ty really thinks those dumb ass faces she make be funny.....
Andre Belfon
Andre Belfon 20 days ago
Great Show!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Azale Martin
Azale Martin 20 days ago
Don’t need WingStop. But ZWTH saved my life
Coach_Hoodie_d Wells
#ReWatchGang 🤟🏾🎬🥃🍞🍠
Cairo livingston
Cairo livingston 20 days ago
REWATCH GANGGG I wish I would’ve caught this live! My heart is so happy y’all were able to speak to someone that y’all admire. Tony was like a kid in a candy store 😂👏🏾
Mr HOLLY ENGLISH 20 days ago
Cornell Watts
Cornell Watts 20 days ago
BIG POOH! 🍯 Little Brother is wildly underrated!
Melanie 20 days ago
59:10 I’m glad to hear they’re putting Hippie Goals on the pay roll. She be workin workin.
Sharday B
Sharday B 20 days ago
I barely listen to music at all and def not when I’m car. I dont relate to any music. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Cassandra G-K
Cassandra G-K 20 days ago
Lin C
Lin C 20 days ago
Yall gonna stop coming for ty 😂😂😂
TeetheGem 20 days ago
Tahir be looking fly late at night gahdamn me 😂
Tyena Pierce
Tyena Pierce 20 days ago
Rewatch Gang!
Heather Lanee'
Heather Lanee' 20 days ago
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 20 days ago
What happened to Jackie? Come on I can’t believe I actually miss Jackie, but dammit give me Jackie sometime soon!
Miss Dori Lynn
Miss Dori Lynn 20 days ago
Right? Jackie and D'lai.
Joshua Nickens
Joshua Nickens 20 days ago
When Tahir mentioned Good Clothes, all I could hear was "Take that coat off niggaaaaaa......" 🤣
kevzzyz 20 days ago
2:03:02 Did anyone else clock that six nine was watching? 💀💀💀
A H 20 days ago
I'm using that Tahir when ppl ask about my fitness routine Yoga stretching and getting my life together lol
A H 20 days ago
I love tony old man ways lol
A H 20 days ago
Ty so damn beautiful and adorable #yamfam 🍠🍠♥️♥️
A H 20 days ago
I'm just here to hear Tahir say shut up tony baker lol 🤣 Great lineup as per usual.. yesss yess🧐🥃👌
Deneen Hawkins
Deneen Hawkins 20 days ago
Rewatch gang back at it. Happy Tuesday!!
juicy0975 20 days ago
Rewatch gang
victoria Louis
victoria Louis 20 days ago
Rewatch gang. Big Pooh was awesome. Much love to all. !!🥃🥃
Amazing Grace Daily
D Young
D Young 20 days ago
Good clothes my favorite.
Cornell Watts
Cornell Watts 20 days ago
The REWATCH GANG SGT at ARMS is back in this thang!
Mujera Lung'aho
Mujera Lung'aho 20 days ago
Tony Baker high off that Badu juice 😂😂😂
Lexis Wilson
Lexis Wilson 20 days ago
Kraig is always my dude 🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾
King Hill
King Hill 20 days ago
I have 46 interruptions per hour.... they called it severe.... I got the next study on the 16th for the cpap
Remy NoChaseHer
Remy NoChaseHer 20 days ago
Tahir definitely knows his market. Big Pooh!! Kraig came thru with the brazen 9th Wonder question. It had to be asked, I guess. I know they tired of 9th questions tho. 😩
Davina M
Davina M 20 days ago
I always look forward to the Ty Davis “hey y’all hey☺️” 😂😂 #RewatchGang
juicy0975 20 days ago
Me too I use that all the time in instant messenger at work
val287 20 days ago
Me, too! It's just the cutest thing ever!
Breed X
Breed X 20 days ago
2:00:57 Big Pooh let off a gun shot at Tahir with that! 🤣😂😂😅😆😆😆
YaGurlA.Simone 20 days ago
I'm sorry I'm not a fan of wen an ep hones around 1 individual you had DJ Jazzy Jeff on hea and they didn't even do that with him if you wanna do a q and a cool but do that in the beginning and move forward with actually topics
YaGurlA.Simone 19 days ago
@Melanie I wasnt entertainment it all kept comin back to ol boy plus I've never even heard of him
Melanie 20 days ago
It’s zooming with the homies. So if the homies don’t mind it then we gotta roll with it. The show is about what makes them comfortable and that’s what makes it entertaining
Don P
Don P 20 days ago
Aho asked you?
Yaa LeeUce
Yaa LeeUce 20 days ago
Cant get enough of that theme song🔥🔥#REWATCHgang
Tey816 20 days ago
“I don’t need icing to eat cake. I just like cake.” coming to a new dating profile bio near you. 🤣 🎂
Tey816 20 days ago
#RewatchGang 👋🏽 🥃
N Jones
N Jones 20 days ago
Rewatch gang!!!
¿Wonder Man?
¿Wonder Man? 20 days ago
Me in real life: ... The Pandemic:... *Twist your hair.*
Breed X
Breed X 20 days ago
1:05:47 Ty's facial reaction when Tahir said he has cocaine for people in his dressing room. 🤣😂😂😅😅😆
Roark Curry
Roark Curry 19 days ago
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia 20 days ago
Durango in this and the entire town is haunted. The high school mascot is a demon, the river of lost souls runs through it..... 👻
Christina McGee
Christina McGee 20 days ago
I believe cinnamon toast crunch, the cereal is laced with somthin 👩🏾‍💻 It goes with wrack 🔍
SIR DIXON 18 days ago
D$360 20 days ago
615 Rewatch Gang
00zae 20 days ago
if i can spend it at MAC i can spend it at black okay- ty davis
King Hill
King Hill 20 days ago
Nanna P
Nanna P 20 days ago
#RewatchGang That clicking noise was driving me nuts but I really enjoyed this one!
b steph
b steph 20 days ago
Tony Baker even gets excited like an old man lol. Like when you get them new golf clubs or something 😂😂😂
Cairo livingston
Cairo livingston 20 days ago
Lmaooo not new golf clubs 😂
A H 20 days ago
His excitement lol 😄
Christina McGee
Christina McGee 20 days ago
Fr tho everything this man does is old man ish- like just look at his movie reviews 😂😂
Christina McGee
Christina McGee 20 days ago
He is 👴🏾o l e m a n 🚂 :( just imagine the emoji without the side hair too btw. )
Breed X
Breed X 20 days ago
Rewatch Gang
Charles Ham
Charles Ham 20 days ago
Thumbs up.... Already just for the intro
Dani Gray
Dani Gray 20 days ago
Rewatch gang ganggggg. Pacific time !
Live 2 Drive
Live 2 Drive 20 days ago
This the best 18WHEELERDRIVER in the world not just the city checkin in unofficially apart of the rewatch gang I be listenin every night cause I can't watch cause I be being the best driver I can be but I be here most of the tume
Daylight H
Daylight H 20 days ago
Wow with this new camera I can see the gums everyone keeps talking about
Derwin Gaston
Derwin Gaston 20 days ago
rewatch gang....great show tahir....nice to see Pooh chopping it up with the homies
D Jilla Fo Rilla
D Jilla Fo Rilla 20 days ago
I wanna see tony baker host a episode
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 20 days ago
That won’t ever happen.. Tony would mute everybody and make it an interview 🤣🤣
¿Wonder Man?
¿Wonder Man? 20 days ago
@D Jilla Fo Rilla we in here just Nicholas Cage k no ing it
¿Wonder Man?
¿Wonder Man? 20 days ago
@D Jilla Fo Rilla yeah we k no, this just not Tony's thing. Or else he would be doing it.
D Jilla Fo Rilla
D Jilla Fo Rilla 20 days ago
@Raine Soke well we is the subscribers and u k no all def switch it up I think he could pull it off he would ve like here her now order in the zoom lol
D Jilla Fo Rilla
D Jilla Fo Rilla 20 days ago
@Breed X tru lol