Zooming With The Homies (ZWTH) Episode 144 

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Published on


Feb 15, 2021




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Comments 100   
Vaughn Powell
Vaughn Powell 4 days ago
This intro is fire, fam
Joe Palmer
Joe Palmer 6 days ago
We gotta get drunk Kev back on the show 💀💀💀💀💀
Ms. Jae
Ms. Jae 6 days ago
Spice was DYING!!! lmfao
Adrian Gooden
Adrian Gooden 6 days ago
Not the Porsche Panoramic lmaoooo
Sherrelle Darling
Is Daylon and his fam ok? I know the storm got worse in TX since this,.
Joanna Aluoch
Joanna Aluoch 9 days ago
Absolutely love this intro!! Stuck in my head all night!
Crystal Stewart
Crystal Stewart 9 days ago
Re watch Gang Houston, just got power yesterday! God is so Good because I had a warm place to stay in spite of!
Adrian S.
Adrian S. 10 days ago
Best cast together so far..
Monica Reliford
Monica Reliford 10 days ago
Tahir doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Chicago is expensive af or poor and ghetto. there is no middle.
Rhuneisha Fields
Rhuneisha Fields 10 days ago
Rewatch gang!!!!
saka543 10 days ago
What did Tobe say?
Olivia Roberson
Olivia Roberson 10 days ago
Okayyyyyy with this countdown. I really enjoy seeing the production get bigger & better #RewatchGang
Roark Curry
Roark Curry 11 days ago
"Put me on the top row of this so I can look down on the people on the bottom" -Kev 😂😂😂😂😂😂
CheyZaire 11 days ago
Tone Bell is so handsome lawd🙌🏾😩
LulShawn 11 days ago
“The buoyancy”🤣🤣🤣
Crystal Powell
Crystal Powell 11 days ago
Another great show!!!
nikki23000 11 days ago
CreativelyCoiled 11 days ago
Angel and Jenifer Lewis in a sketch together... Anyone else want to see this happen?
DESMOND JONES 11 days ago
@tonebell Jim Brown was beast in lacrosse
DESMOND JONES 11 days ago
Did the government go back to real cheese? They had switched to that processed stuff for a minute
CrochetNerd 12 days ago
You do learn shot put from trial and error. In highschool I did it. I'm 6 feet and was barely taught the basics, but I learned very quickly and enjoyed every minute of it. Discus was great too.
Regina Finney
Regina Finney 12 days ago
Tone Bell is a HANDSOME MAN!!!! 😍😍🥰🥰🥰😍 sheesh 🤤🥴
Chic Chemist
Chic Chemist 12 days ago
This episode had me crying. Too funny
G1376LOVE 12 days ago
Bruh....I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
Nicole 12 days ago
Whole show was hilarious, but spicy feet took me OUT! 🤣🤣🤣
marquise avinger
marquise avinger 12 days ago
You should have a "hubby addition" Tahir, Kevin, Tony, Marcus, Keon...and every 20 mins rotate one of the wives, that'd be dope #mooremobb #scarysquadd
T_onthe Tube
T_onthe Tube 12 days ago
Aww man.. Did yall peep Tahir when he was stuck in battle with a flat..smh He leaned forward & back & still couldn't split that flat.. lol
Kierra C
Kierra C 12 days ago
Had to come back and rewatch the part where Angel said you can buy the cloth at Walmart 😂😂
Crispy Julio
Crispy Julio 12 days ago
Tahir,I don't know who the hell lied to you and said that one shouldn't be drinking vodka past the age of thirty five.I am over fifty and they call me Ciroc Obama fam T.F.Y.T.B!!!
Chocolate Chunkz
Chocolate Chunkz 12 days ago
If the Moore Mods pick the ppl, wouldn't it be kinda unfair since they may have favorite viewers/Moore mob folks?
TweetsyCk 12 days ago
This was hilarious
BigBoiBleu 12 days ago
If only Tahir knew how high property taxes are in Illinois. People are literally fleeing Illinois. Damn Blue State
Kim Yunger
Kim Yunger 12 days ago
🥃🥃🥃 going on 20+ hours of no power here in SA. Thank goodness for car chargers. Was able to rewatch in my car whilst getting warm. Texas power grid is like WTF y’all FOH!
Paa Joe
Paa Joe 12 days ago
I was trying to figure out what SA was for the longest time lol. I was like South Africa? Anyway, y'all hang in there. We've been in the same boat in Dallas since Sunday midnight. Just got power Tuesday afternoon
LeDon Steed
LeDon Steed 12 days ago
The way Angel is eating the chicken is killing me. Plus Spice laughing for 4 minutes for no reason 🤣🤣😂😂
Charles Malaepule
Charles Malaepule 12 days ago
"And boy you losing yeah up to guys" lol
Khalil Okera
Khalil Okera 12 days ago
Spice with the MF Doom mask #RewatchGang
Michael Varner
Michael Varner 12 days ago
Chalupa Batman
Chalupa Batman 12 days ago
Rewatch gang in Houston!!! The lights are out but I still got my phone 🙌🏾
Renica Latese
Renica Latese 13 days ago
Rewatch gang
Jess Hodge
Jess Hodge 13 days ago
This was the perfect opportunity to bring back KevOnThumb 👍for the emoji war with Spice
Ç Andy
Ç Andy 13 days ago
Rewatch Gang New emoRji alert 🌶🦶🏾 💩🦷(🔧) 🧑🏾‍🦲
BIG JEFF 13 days ago
#REWATCHGANG from VA, what's good y'all 💪🏾😎🎬🍞🥃👼🏾
Jess Hodge
Jess Hodge 13 days ago
Did anybody notice Kev picking imaginary hair around 57:20? Lol
Laray Hutton
Laray Hutton 6 days ago
djfoodanddrank 13 days ago
#RewatchGang 🔧🦷 💩🦷 🌶️🦶🏿 Y'ALL SOME FOOLS!! And Kev's laughs makes every joke sound even worse
WhosManzYT 13 days ago
I am crying 😭😂 The adventures of Doodoo Toof and Spicy Feet! 💩🦷 &🌶🦶🏾
Kimberly Middlebrooks
They were on one! 🤣🤣🤣
Danielle 13 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 rewatch gang 🙌🏽
Jess Hodge
Jess Hodge 13 days ago
Yes! We called government cheese, peanut butter "commodities". My grandparents used to get them and my mom would make the BEST peanut butter cookies out of it. I don't remember the cheese at all but the peanut butter 👌🏾#rewatchgang
Mr HOLLY ENGLISH 13 days ago
E Smith
E Smith 13 days ago
Tahir gotta invite Marcus on the show one day. He has funded numerous shows
Ganja Mama
Ganja Mama 10 days ago
He should have all the comedians mates one night
E Smith
E Smith 12 days ago
@G Sypha I’m joking when I say “funded” but bruh has donated at least 3k-4k if u add it all up
G Sypha
G Sypha 12 days ago
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson 13 days ago
#RWG GVMT Cheese is sooooo good! Let me tell you. It makes the BEST Mac N Cheese EVER!
Andre Belfon
Andre Belfon 13 days ago
Govtment cheese was good. You had to use mama’s good knife. 🤣🤣🤣
E Smith
E Smith 13 days ago
The “SF” in 49ers stands for “spicy feet”
Ez Ryder
Ez Ryder 13 days ago
Re-watch gang
David Saunders
David Saunders 13 days ago
Daylon live in a slave cabin
who26 13 days ago
Who just randomly has a MF Doom mask? @41:58
victoria Louis
victoria Louis 13 days ago
Rewatch gang! Great show everyone was amazing.
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 13 days ago
31:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m here for Spice this morning lmfaoooo my stomach!!!
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 13 days ago
25:05 I did the same thing as spice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charles Baxter
Charles Baxter 13 days ago
48 still love that skyy
Vonte96 13 days ago
Rewatch Gang!!!!!!!
Ya'll have to tell us ahead of time when you're going to be having wingstop so I can have some here while watching. If I catch Ya'll live cause I usually rewatch the next morning while getting ready for work.
@Tey816 on Instagram? Cause I don't follow celebrities on IG. I had a whole issue with a utuber over that before. People don't believe that there's people who don't follow people that don't follow back
Tey816 13 days ago
He does lol Tahir always posts up a flyer before.
S H 13 days ago
Love everyone on tonight
Germaine Thomas
Germaine Thomas 13 days ago
EZK Fam/Euro Zooming Krew of ONE right here watching this Zoom and enjoying it all. What a great team of Friends/Colleagues that are keepin it real tonight. I was a little sad when I knew I couldn't get WingStop unless @Daylon Goff has connections in Stockholm! Love watching y'all grow. Keep it going @Tahir! Much Love to all!
Amanda Trinity
Amanda Trinity 13 days ago
#rewatchgang in Houston braving these temperatures. Thanks for the laughs to keep me warm.
This house is haunted. Woke up to the sheets being pulled off me. This is helping me get though the rest of the night while I try not to shit my drawers.
@ItsssYaGirlll thank you. And I don't blame you for keeping it to yourself. Lol
ItsssYaGirlll 13 days ago
That happened to me when i was younger yo. Never talked about it. But I pray you stay safe.
kia Harden
kia Harden 13 days ago
I literally went straight to sleep thinking I lost I’m really sad lol
kia Harden
kia Harden 13 days ago
Just wow man
kia Harden
kia Harden 13 days ago
kia Harden
kia Harden 13 days ago
Wow I’m mad for the month
kia Harden
kia Harden 13 days ago
Did I miss my gift card 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
kia Harden
kia Harden 13 days ago
Belinda Kae
Belinda Kae 13 days ago
Rewatch gang 🇬🇧
JoAnna Duke
JoAnna Duke 13 days ago
Rewatch Gang 🤟🏾 sitting here freezing in fort worth texas but this episode warmed me up 🤗🤗🤗
JoAnna Duke
JoAnna Duke 12 days ago
@msandrews87 thank you!! You stay warm too ❤️
msandrews87 12 days ago
I'm watching the next day in Houston cause I was conserving my battery last night. Stay warm!
Nomi Mohini
Nomi Mohini 13 days ago
#RWG 🥃 🇬🇧 🇰🇪
Mary T
Mary T 13 days ago
Rewatch. Gang from the UK. We see you with the sponsorship 🔥🔥🔥
CiciSina P
CiciSina P 13 days ago
Ive definitely been on wing stop bcos of this show...
Tey816 13 days ago
💩 🦷 has me in TEARS! #NewEmorjiAlert
Fahn S
Fahn S 12 days ago
In Spice voice "You're Welcome!" 🤣
Kimberly Middlebrooks
You put the ‘r’ in it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Doc Bee
Doc Bee 13 days ago
Rewatch gang gang we up!
Cornell Watts
Cornell Watts 13 days ago
Cecilia Fagan
Cecilia Fagan 13 days ago
Rewatch gang, in Dallas!🥃😅🥶 Figured some laughter would warm me up, thank you all!
Cecilia Fagan
Cecilia Fagan 10 days ago
At families place in Frisco ! Praying for you all to be warm, have running water and food!
Olivia Roberson
Olivia Roberson 10 days ago
Y’all be safe out here!!
Fahn S
Fahn S 12 days ago
@Kim Yunger We missed you Kim! Stay safe and warm. 🙏🏻💚
Cecilia Fagan
Cecilia Fagan 12 days ago
@Kim Yunger I’m about to go to car now, after recharging cell from laptop for two days , it’s going to die soon.
Kim Yunger
Kim Yunger 12 days ago
SA here. Had to get in my car to warm up, charge the phone, and rewatch. I was SOOOO bummed to miss this one live.
Strength From Within
What happened to the tooth 😂😂😂
a98176 13 days ago
Davina M
Davina M 13 days ago
Rewatch Gang!! 🌶🦶🏾🌶🦶🏾
Strength From Within
Raining dudu tooth😂😂😂
Strength From Within
When did he loose the side tooth??
Strength From Within
Omg spicey feet😂😂😂I'm in tears he got the chili pepper and a foot 😂😂😂
Kimberly Middlebrooks
I mean...I’m over here HOLLERIN’
Tey816 13 days ago
#RewatchGang 👋🏽 🥃 Cheers to all my comrades.
NoirNRouge Nuit
NoirNRouge Nuit 13 days ago
Tahir be having x-rated thoughts about 7-11 hotdogs!
Strength From Within
Evolvingmama 13 days ago
1:27:20 🤣🔥
Cami Baby
Cami Baby 13 days ago
I really enjoy this show
Lisa Rawlings
Lisa Rawlings 13 days ago
Those wings look good!
Evolvingmama 13 days ago
26:40 😂🦷🔧
KKJP 13 days ago
The government peanut butter was 🔥though lol
Frantz Alphonse
Frantz Alphonse 13 days ago
Thanks for another great one! Spicy 🐾 is hilarious! Keep creating!
DHaile83 13 days ago
#ReWatch GangGang!
Spiritledpoetess 13 days ago
FYI, I know answers go in Tahir’s inbox! 🦋
Spiritledpoetess 13 days ago
Spiritledpoetess 13 days ago
6-26- my Birthday
Spiritledpoetess 13 days ago
14 years