Zooming With The Homies (ZWTH) Episode 146 

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Feb 17, 2021




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Comments 97   
A J 4 days ago
Jeff slick fine...👀
Frantz Alphonse
Frantz Alphonse 7 days ago
You all are awesome! Thank you for the gut laughs!
Tim J
Tim J 8 days ago
Tahir thank u for your transparency! Great example of a strong brother!!! We all a work in process!!! God bless in continuing in the healing space!!!
Dane Hawkins
Dane Hawkins 8 days ago
This episode was hilarious
LeNora Aya
LeNora Aya 9 days ago
Tahir your honesty is so appreciated and I'm glad you shared this. Many people need to see the real sides to life
Shenna Robertson
Shenna Robertson 9 days ago
When was the last time Chris was on? I need to see the whole thing with his brother.
Cyrita G.
Cyrita G. 10 days ago
Y'all making me want to binge Law & Order: SVU right now. But I don't have the time. #rewatchgang
The Mrs
The Mrs 10 days ago
Ughhh Chris Sneed is hilarious. Something is really wrong with him 🤣🤣🤣
Keepupwith TheJones
I'm a black woman and it's hard for me to console people as well dealing with not wanting to show weakness in front of others is an issue alot of us don't want to deal with
xxcarrie 10 days ago
keon was lit lit🤣🤣🤣 crine at the end with him
xxcarrie 10 days ago
chris and jeff dumb funny loved this line up tahir
Rizzo Sphynx
Rizzo Sphynx 10 days ago
Please DONT Bring Chris back 😒 he kept killing the vibe
Supermandad's fortress
I hope Tahir gets all the blessings that he deserves. And I wish the best for you all.
BcnEggNChz 10 days ago
This was a great Episode, Jokes and gems
Dee Swann
Dee Swann 10 days ago
Chris & Tahir both so good at telling lies🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson 10 days ago
#RWG OMG Chris is a whole ass mess singing. A very enlightening yet hilarious episode of ZWTH 🙏🏾😂
Merls R A
Merls R A 10 days ago
Needed this today 🤗🤗
Tomah Robinson
Tomah Robinson 10 days ago
#Rewatch on the scene. All love ❤️ 💕
Britney Bowls
Britney Bowls 10 days ago
"controversy episode"
Deborah Murray
Deborah Murray 10 days ago
msvanisEE 10 days ago
Isaiah 10 days ago
Lou Lou would be dope on wording is hard
Gabby 10 days ago
This was a very teachable episode! Loved it!💕 It’s nice to laugh and crack jokes but these are definitely conversations that need to be had. And this might be the only platform that some ppl will hear and receive it
Ralph Neal
Ralph Neal 10 days ago
#Rewatchgang...This episode was HILARIOUS!! Random as hell, but man
KbNyOhMy 10 days ago
#Rewatchgang #MooreMob 🥃❤️🥃❤️
Nomi Mohini
Nomi Mohini 10 days ago
#RWG Please do a Law& Order skit to promote ZWTH or KYD Y’all be coming up with the best show ideas off the rip #ILoveItHere 😊
Miriam Million
Miriam Million 10 days ago
Quality content
BabyHead Gangsta
BabyHead Gangsta 10 days ago
What episode is it that Chris' brother???
Lon Jackson
Lon Jackson 11 days ago
Keon sound good! Great show, thank you again, rewatch gang in here!
Andre Belfon
Andre Belfon 11 days ago
I am not going to the gym with Lou Lou and Keon.
Grace Degante
Grace Degante 11 days ago
With all do respect Tahir,Angel is the queen of transitions,she will never be dethroned. 👑
Samantha Eichhorn
Your name is now on the list... 🤣🤣🤣
Kiffani Tampa
Kiffani Tampa 11 days ago
But all holidays are man made? I don’t understand that argument unless you don’t celebrate any holidays at all. We didn’t do reports on any holidays, is that what they were doing in public school? Funny episode as always.
prophecy313 11 days ago
Tahir dropping jewels 💯
Nicole 11 days ago
Your transparency was really moving, Tahir. God Bless you. I enjoyed tonight's episode, as usual. #rewatchgang
jake 11 days ago
ZWTH saved my life. Jeff need to be on more please he’s hilarious
S Johnson
S Johnson 10 days ago
xxcarrie 10 days ago
Andre Belfon
Andre Belfon 11 days ago
Lou hate acronyms because of the Army. The military only uses acronym.
Asante Adams
Asante Adams 11 days ago
I was in the army for 7 years and I feel the same way.
Andre Belfon
Andre Belfon 11 days ago
Ronnie Taylor on Wording is Hard was hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣. He had Maya moving out of character. A definite watch.
Tamiko 11 days ago
Y'all are sooo funny. 😹😹
A H 11 days ago
Great lineup Everyone quarantine cute n glowing !
Cecilia Fagan
Cecilia Fagan 11 days ago
Rewatch gang 🥃🥃🥃
Bejay LaGrone
Bejay LaGrone 11 days ago
Am I the only one who thought Keon and Jeff sounded similar?😂
Maryam Jama
Maryam Jama Day ago
I thought i was the only one😂😂😂....
Grace Degante
Grace Degante 11 days ago
Doesn't Chris look like Jason Weaver? Great show btw
NinoDemayo 11 days ago
LOU..LOU. That is all.
Redefine Apparel
Redefine Apparel 11 days ago
Facts fam
Keith Robertson
Keith Robertson 11 days ago
This made my morning. Rematch Gang . One of the best episodes this year 🙌
Starress McBride
Starress McBride 11 days ago
Tahir's voice wasn't bad if he had a vocal lesson he would be together together lol
djfoodanddrank 11 days ago
#RewatchGang from East Atlanta! Prayers to everyone effected in Texas dealing with weak ass "leadership" and unseasonal weather
T Woods
T Woods 11 days ago
The day you put your life story in a book/movie will be the day the entire world knows your story. That shit was deep af and real. I remember when you first told it on kevs podcast.
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin 11 days ago
Y’all should make a R&B group spin off of day 26, called 2months later 😂😂😂
Erika Harper
Erika Harper 11 days ago
Great book title Loulou "Men Need Tahir That" I don't think you even heard that. 1:12:17
Hawk's World
Hawk's World 11 days ago
Rewatch gang!!
Mr HOLLY ENGLISH 11 days ago
jpinx22 11 days ago
Tahir, I felt u on the how to console and it being awkward. I used to reject hugs...just started hugging certain ppl in the last year! Glad u said wat u said!
Cornell Watts
Cornell Watts 11 days ago
Sliding in late, but ya REWATCH GANG SGT at ARMS is here!!!!
Germaine Thomas
Germaine Thomas 11 days ago
Euro Zooming Krew right HEEERRRRE! Y'all are Wildin'. from TV, to Real Talk to Singing with the Band.. Y'all are OFF!!! LouLou will surely have a hard job keepin' y'all in line on a singing gig! OIL i SAID!! It was beautiful. Love the giggles. Whew! Much love and stay safe!
Regina Mitchell
Regina Mitchell 11 days ago
Tahir should've pulled up Keon singing Usher's Climax....
Regina Mitchell
Regina Mitchell 11 days ago
@Alexaundra Stuart You didn't see it? It's on Keon's page
Alexaundra Stuart
Alexaundra Stuart 11 days ago
Nikki Marie
Nikki Marie 11 days ago
Shooot I drink a bottle of wine while cleaning lol
Jasmine 11 days ago
When Chris Sneed made up all those fake shows at the end I lost it like Keon did 😂
S Johnson
S Johnson 10 days ago
One of the funniest moments ever! 🤣😭😭😭
Tiff's Take
Tiff's Take 11 days ago
Right.. with so much conviction
Keep It Smooth
Keep It Smooth 11 days ago
Keon laughing at how lit he got was priceless
King Wade
King Wade 11 days ago
Tahir should probably stop interrupting the show just to address the negative comments with the "serious" stuff. Whole mood gets ruined. Great show until that happens. Just ignore it.
A H 11 days ago
Chris is so damn silly lol I died at him telling Jeff it's ok for blk history month lol. I also was concerned about his door dash
Nisha Nish
Nisha Nish 11 days ago
I have to say, I was very disappointed with the women's reaction to Chris speaking on his story. If a man says no and you force him, that is also rape just as if a man was to force us. To disregard this man saying "this is a comedy show" or "he's laughing so he can't be serious." Imagine being a man(a comedian no less) and telling people(especially other comedians) that you were raped by a woman. People will make jokes or flat out think they're playing. We know how that feels as women and shouldn't participate in inflicting that type of pain on someone because of their gender❤
Alpaca Llama
Alpaca Llama 5 days ago
asheni78 11 days ago
Your'e right, double standards of life
IGetsDa Cheeks
IGetsDa Cheeks 11 days ago
Saint Valentinus was a priest that went against the emperor of Rome who outlawed marriages cause single soldiers fought better an where easier to manipulate. San Valentinus still performed marriages was set to death an the days leading up to his beheading he cured alot of prisoners of ailments with his “love” 🤓
A H 11 days ago
Farren is me Weed pipe w my blanket Then go do the housework sketch some shit up.
A H 11 days ago
Lou lou so gorgeous! ♥️♥️
A H 11 days ago
Tahir I appreciate you opening up more. It's good to see your layers and how awesome you are . Thank you for the content.
A H 11 days ago
I fully support loulou as someone manager lol
A H 11 days ago
Jeff had me laughing lol His cosigning self 😂
rhythmax 11 days ago
Keon was def the wildcard tonight #rewatchgang
Tony Coffield
Tony Coffield 11 days ago
Why is this man preaching like this, Damn.
maNcube 11 days ago
No Chris can sing....... Don't hate Tahir. Wait a minute
M. Bell
M. Bell 11 days ago
Keon laughing was sooooo good!
Estelle Goueth
Estelle Goueth 11 days ago
Tahir I think Chris had a good idea. Every show sometimes has guest hosts. Maybe think about one week where others host and you chill.
Vicki TheEsty
Vicki TheEsty 11 days ago
Tony Coffield
Tony Coffield 11 days ago
"one hitters" are the best...
Jus A
Jus A 11 days ago
W isForWumbo
W isForWumbo 11 days ago
Tahir’s maturity is amazing. I couldn’t have circled back to clear up anything. Strangers don’t get to joke about something that personal and traumatic.
BChayse P
BChayse P 11 days ago
tahir appreciate the transparency. its hard to make that jump into therapy but i know i need it. been through some very similar experiences that should be unpacked.
Georg Temml
Georg Temml 11 days ago
When I grow up I wanna be like my son! Holy Fuck what a sentence hahahaha
Kerusso 11 days ago
Fam Wait.. so you want to act out scenes from SVU at the retreat? 😳
Falon Thomas
Falon Thomas 11 days ago
I'm fandangling some sort of outfit to come as Detective Munch or the black nun chick that popped in from time to time to fuss them out about how to handle the kids.
jake 11 days ago
Natural Scratcher
Natural Scratcher 11 days ago
Rewatch gang❤️🔥🔥🔥
Chanel Walters
Chanel Walters 11 days ago
When is Jeff’s episode of Wording is Hard? He’s always a fun time! Lol
hermit_artemis 11 days ago
Not the stock face, she's wiiiiiild. I can't
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin 11 days ago
I think jeff Horste is really Ron Taylor in white face 🤔😂😂🤔
Latrell 316
Latrell 316 8 days ago
That's funny
Dee Swann
Dee Swann 10 days ago
HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Evolvingmama 11 days ago
Yesss that quick witted comedy 👏🏾
D$360 11 days ago
Ay that episode with Chris ' brother is in my top 5 to this day🤣😂🤣 #615RWG
tiffytazz 8 days ago
Eposode 87
BabyHead Gangsta
BabyHead Gangsta 10 days ago
Which episode is that???
Daniel Vasquez
Daniel Vasquez 11 days ago
Which episode it that? Lol
A H 11 days ago
Who is his brother and what episode?
Chanel Walters
Chanel Walters 11 days ago
I lowkey wana go back & rewatch it 😂
Christian Exantus
Christian Exantus 11 days ago
What beef is tahir talking about?? I'm lost
Sean Wallace
Sean Wallace 11 days ago
Kristen Hackett
Kristen Hackett 11 days ago
Lou Lou!!! I love her 🧡🧡
hermit_artemis 11 days ago
International rewaaaaaaaatch gang gang
Spiritledpoetess 11 days ago
This is a great well rounded piece! I appreciate everyone on here simply showing up; you!🍋🍸. Within this perimeter we create the best beverages. Then we tilt our glasses to share fluid wisdom. I learned to let my hair down with my breast free of shame. Growing makes me add space for those watching me use my needle and colorful thread to create a quilt so everyone can take a seat and reminisce a while! Sandra Northard
K BEVERLEE 11 days ago
Chris is such a cutie 🥰😍😘
Thug Nasty
Thug Nasty 11 days ago
When y'all make "Law & Order in the hood" y'all should name it "New York Undercover" and make the 2 main cops black & puerto rican.... And name them "Williams and Torres"....
Amazing Grace Daily
#REWATCHGANG Still no power in Dallas. But so happy to get great vibez!
Bochonny 11 days ago
Sending everyone those daily positive vibes from Houston🙏🏽🌊
Dana Bryant
Dana Bryant 11 days ago
@Bochonny Yooo, shit is ridiculous right now! Y'all be safe and stay close!
Bochonny 11 days ago
@Dana Bryant yeah I'm good now I appreciate that🙏🏼. Just gotta help out my ladies side of the family. Some pipes bursts and ceilings caved in. Shit is crazyyyyy. I appreciate you asking though! 💯
Dana Bryant
Dana Bryant 11 days ago
@Bochonny Hey! You good, fam?
maNcube 11 days ago
I would not mind 5 hours of this. Today was the best