Zooming With The Homies (ZWTH) Episode 139 

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Published on


Feb 4, 2021




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Comments 78   
alittlebabylamb 9 days ago
tahir got yeeks.
Frantz Alphonse
Frantz Alphonse 16 days ago
"I blame him for losing my job" LMAOF! I'm looking for your stuff Carmen.
Nnenna Simone
Nnenna Simone 19 days ago
I bought a ticket and the 24 he replay link and still missed this show! I’m so maddd!!! 😭😭😭
Ebony C
Ebony C 19 days ago
Listen!!! We need Carmen back, if she’ll have us! She’s hilarious.
brandon dooley
brandon dooley 21 day ago
Ol girl sounds like she could be part of City Girls
MsBrannn 21 day ago
Rewatch gang x2 ! Love this episode
Ava Holloway
Ava Holloway 22 days ago
The convo about Buffets is crazy bc even if the waiter brings your food to the table everyone's breath is already circulating over the food before it gets to your table.
Jay Nation
Jay Nation 22 days ago
back i finaly got wifi back
Tiffany A
Tiffany A 22 days ago
The Malcolm X look away! 😂
Desmond Murry
Desmond Murry 23 days ago
This was good. less is More
Jacq. A.
Jacq. A. 23 days ago
I could listen to Carmen tell stories all day. She is hilarious!
Lauranetta Marshall
Uncle_JT 23 days ago
Stephen F Austin is ABSOLUTELY NOT an HBCU! And its in Nacogdoches TX! #AxeEmJacks
Lyric C
Lyric C 23 days ago
Tahir was on a run tonight Carmen and Darren omg they were amazing!!! Please have them on again
Ty 23 days ago
So Carmen was an adult in 2005 and she looks 19 now. I know Black don't crack but this is straight up sorcery.
Carla Small
Carla Small 23 days ago
Intro is just so 🔥
Roark Curry
Roark Curry 23 days ago
"Briscut Strikes Back"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Big Jefé
Big Jefé 23 days ago
Heyyyyy rubbermaaaaannn LMFAO!!!
Ariel Williams
Ariel Williams 23 days ago
This week of ZWTH was fantastic honestly
Shaquille Thomas
Shaquille Thomas 23 days ago
I’m still geeked off the intro song. I feel like I’m back in the 90s when I used to dance to the song right before the show started!
JayHadd 23 days ago
I'm gonna need Kev to brush up on his Texas HBCU, he was right about TSU (Texas Southern University.. SFA is more of a PWI... i'm sure Darren was probably at Prairie View A&M or TSU
Tiffany Thompson
Tiffany Thompson 23 days ago
Rewatch Gang!
brandon mason
brandon mason 23 days ago
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 23 days ago
I love Carmen!!! 😂😂😂😂 great show tonight.
MsTiffanyChanel 23 days ago
Tomah Robinson
Tomah Robinson 23 days ago
#RWG👆🏾✌🏾...zooming with the homies🎤🎧🎼🎶🎵
Simon Lepe
Simon Lepe 23 days ago
Why tahirs chin sideways
Elle Que
Elle Que 23 days ago
Carmen's story about getting fired is hilarious. I am at work crying
Germaine Thomas
Germaine Thomas 23 days ago
Yo, I am here! Euro Zoom Krew! Loving this! Y'all are killin it. I can't wait to see y'all perform tonight!
Tashieka 23 days ago
ooooooh Carmen is very funny. I didn't realize that was Nick's wife until the very end. I knew that background was familiar. I would like to see her more often.
Davina M
Davina M 23 days ago
Right!! I never seen his wife before lol!
Pontiac Jaye Gaming
That snoop story at the end was hilarious 🤣 😂
BChayse P
BChayse P 23 days ago
I thought that nigga on the bottom was Un Kasa from dipset
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 23 days ago
Destinee Singleton
Destinee Singleton 24 days ago
#rewatcgang 💪🏾
Rosey J
Rosey J 24 days ago
Darren is so funny😂😂😂 this was a good episode.
Deneen Hawkins
Deneen Hawkins 24 days ago
Rewatch gang back at it, getting my fix for the weekend
Ralph Moseley
Ralph Moseley 24 days ago
Why is Kev so fast with the wit!!!!!!
Andre Belfon
Andre Belfon 24 days ago
Great show. Reducing the number of people really helps. Great job Tahir. Carmen is awesome, reminds me of Angel. 🤣🤣🤣
King Crawley
King Crawley 24 days ago
A H 24 days ago
First time seeing carmen and Rell. Definitely new fan. They're hilarious!
A H 24 days ago
Big booty bobbob ?? 🤣🤣💀💀
Corey 24 days ago
nick and carmen is a hilarious couple man 😂
djfoodanddrank 24 days ago
#RewatchGang 🍻 This was a fun episode. I look forward to seeing Darren and Carmen
Mr HOLLY ENGLISH 24 days ago
Cairo livingston
Cairo livingston 24 days ago
Yasss Gary with the beautiful apparel!
Renica Latese
Renica Latese 24 days ago
I love Carmen!!! She sold me on the show today!!! #rewatchgang Now we need Nick and Carmen on a Zooming show 😂😂😂😂
Azale Martin
Azale Martin 24 days ago
This pandemic has been the stressful time
Azale Martin
Azale Martin 24 days ago
Tahir saved my life
Orenthal James
Orenthal James 24 days ago
Heyyyyyy Mr. Rubberband Man💀💀🤣🤣🤣
Adrian S.
Adrian S. 24 days ago
RewAtch gang
Cairo livingston
Cairo livingston 24 days ago
Who else went to Carmen's IG after her "reverse issue" joke lmaoo? She is too funny and beautiful, face and all! NOT TAHIR SITTING ON THAT THANG !
Roark Curry
Roark Curry 23 days ago
I did the same thing 😂😂😂😂
Kory Verde
Kory Verde 24 days ago
Aye fam, that beat. Lol cmon mane
Redefine Apparel
Redefine Apparel 24 days ago
😂😂😂🥃🥃🥃 #rewatchgang
Redefine Apparel
Redefine Apparel 24 days ago
I also have a Talley and Twine watch
victoria Louis
victoria Louis 24 days ago
Great show. Rewatch gang!! All the guest were just a true joy.
Deborah Murray
Deborah Murray 24 days ago
Carmen had me rolling 😭🤣😂
Doug Franklin
Doug Franklin 24 days ago
I know Kevin didn’t make SFA an HBCU?!?
Mrs G
Mrs G 23 days ago
Right and big baby agreed 🤦🏽‍♀️
Kenya V
Kenya V 24 days ago
Rewatch gang
pev2241 24 days ago
Rewatch gang
Jaylin Bishop
Jaylin Bishop 24 days ago
kevin’s food jabs at tahir be so simple yet intricate lmaooo
MpireTv21 24 days ago
Breakfast can't be whatever Tahir... exhibit A ...your body 😂
D$360 24 days ago
Rewatch Gang
rham022085 24 days ago
Do an all def cannabis takeover
Amazing Grace Daily
BIG JEFF 24 days ago
Yooo Tony Baker 🍞 stupid bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This man said in the comments Tahir wedding was catered by 7/11 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #REWATCHGANG 💪🏾😎🥃🎬
JupiOnTheMoon 24 days ago
Gary Owens dipped out 😂😂 his laptop didn’t die lmao
Michael Wilburn
Michael Wilburn 18 days ago
@JahRoxkYa Or maybe he just hasn’t clicked with them yet. If the didn’t care for them then he wouldn’t of had them on his podcast or did the show Friday.
Monique Sterling
Monique Sterling 20 days ago
Owen... no s
Melanie 22 days ago
@Deon Williams oh right. I remember that episode! That was when he booked Sydney on the spot...I think that’s just his personality
Deon Williams
Deon Williams 22 days ago
@Melanie yea around the time Tahir went on Gary’s podcast. He acted the same way.
Melanie 22 days ago
@Deon Williams he’s been on before?
BigBoi 24 days ago
Yo I'm in IT and when I worked for Kellogg\ Keebler They would send us to take the power cords to the computers of people who were getting fired when they went to lunch. So that was a running joke. To mess with people we would just leave a power cord hanging across the cube.
Denzel Crawley
Denzel Crawley 24 days ago
Tahir was on fire tonight 🔥
Lexis Wilson
Lexis Wilson 24 days ago
Them: Silhouette Challenge Me: Pauses video to look it up
Jae Alxndr
Jae Alxndr 24 days ago
gary owen out of nowhere 👀
Safiyah Hamlet
Safiyah Hamlet 24 days ago
A Wawa 🤣
Safiyah Hamlet
Safiyah Hamlet 24 days ago
this was hilarious 😂
Safiyah Hamlet
Safiyah Hamlet 24 days ago
Yass Darren !
Yaa LeeUce
Yaa LeeUce 24 days ago
Tey816 24 days ago
Greetings my fellow #RewatchGang 🥃
BIG JEFF 24 days ago
Yaa LeeUce
Yaa LeeUce 24 days ago
Deven Dean
Deven Dean 24 days ago
KevonDATbag on the way
Nomi Mohini
Nomi Mohini 24 days ago
So much fun!!!! Everybody needs a repeat, especially story time with Carmen 😂 🧡🙈
Terry King
Terry King 24 days ago
Brisket Strikes Back. LMAOOOOOO
Samara 24 days ago
Colgate is the truth!... keep that Bright smile up Rell!