Zooming With The Homies (ZWTH) Episode 145 

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Feb 16, 2021




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Mr. Impala
Mr. Impala 2 days ago
"You got yo language on butterscotch:" 😭😅😂🤣
Mr. Impala
Mr. Impala 2 days ago
I fucking LOVE Ally's laugh! Please don't go to an hour man we NEED these 2 hours! This line up was fucking hilarious! 🤣😂😅😭
Staci Hackley
Staci Hackley 3 days ago
Virginia has tasty cakes 🍰
RunItUp Gutta
RunItUp Gutta 4 days ago
I watch all the ZWTH episodes. First time rewatching one cause this was HILARIOUS.
HALE AVE 7 days ago
i dont understand why comedians dont welcome trolls but say "its comedy, its a place to not be in your feelings"... just to get in their feelings every time you type
Robert Riddell
Robert Riddell 7 days ago
Prescription hat?!?! 16 minutes in lmao man, Ronnie so damn funny.
Christon Byrd
Christon Byrd 8 days ago
That's when you found out that hat was prescription 😂😂😂
bedde bedde
bedde bedde 8 days ago
Theres gotta be an episode with Ronnie and Cletus on the same one!
Jorge Vanderburgh
Neyo hat was prescription joke was so funny I bout fell out. Lol 😂
Starress McBride
Starress McBride 10 days ago
I think the show could be 90 minutes instead of a hour. And why would someone put panties on a table? And where everyone can see?
Charone Foster
Charone Foster 10 days ago
nick carthan did a wonderful job on the one episode!!ijs
Charone Foster
Charone Foster 10 days ago
no disrespect tahir, but do you think ty davis would be interested in hosting the show,one time??? (with u there or not..just another ingenious idea?)she is a re occurring guest and first lady of zwth, maybe honorable side host. just a thought....side note : there is nothing wrong with the show. I'm heavily entertained every show..just a suggestion..disclaimer for u hating ass comments viewers..
Frantz Alphonse
Frantz Alphonse 10 days ago
Another great one, thank you!
Sirrene S
Sirrene S 10 days ago
What are runts? I don’t know that weed talk
Key 10 days ago
Creators want our viewership, but we’re not allowed to say when we disagree with something they say? I agree there’s a right/wrong way to go about it, but telling viewers to “keep scrolling” can’t be the only solution.
Jibril Builder
Jibril Builder 10 days ago
This feel like the Class right before 2nd Lunch when all the jokes come out and Time stands still.
Chef James Jr.
Chef James Jr. 10 days ago
gahdamn when Ty popped up on the screen. whew lawd
Vene Thomas
Vene Thomas 10 days ago
Ayyyeee DELAWARE 😂😂
Jasmine Martin
Jasmine Martin 11 days ago
I was laughing in tears the whole episode.
ladykray4eva 11 days ago
Ty representing B-more with the Butterscotch Krimpets!!!😍🙌🏽
j dizzy
j dizzy 11 days ago
I don't know why who where or when but something coming for b Simon neck🤷🏽‍♂️
LMoe 478
LMoe 478 11 days ago
😂😂😂😂 bruh I love when Sydney on!! This nigga too funny!
Ken 11 days ago
Ty be trying so hard not to laugh 😂
LMoe 478
LMoe 478 11 days ago
Bruh this nigga Ronnie so fuckin funny!!! “When I put these hips on a southwest flight” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elle Que
Elle Que 11 days ago
Sydney, Ronnie and CP are hilarious together
Wilson Jean
Wilson Jean 11 days ago
You can't cancle someone who already got money!!!!
D$360 11 days ago
BChayse P
BChayse P 11 days ago
THIS A TOP 5 EP. they was gonna in the whole shit lol
Paislygrey 11 days ago
Allyleftridge is the perfect guest
Chris Blackman
Chris Blackman 11 days ago
Aye mane. Say Mane. Tahir I fuck wit cha. But Boy if you make this show shorter I’ll never forgive yo short neck ass. ZWTH too damn good to be 1hr only.
mike garvey
mike garvey 11 days ago
This is easily the funniest episode. 🤣😂🤣 Ronnie, C.P and Sydney the perfect combo.
wonderbutterfly3 11 days ago
Ty be trying to get more involved in the convo, but her mic isn’t as loud as others. It sucks because I know she has something hilarious to say, but then she forgets by the time they notice her.
Candice Marie Creations
The comments 😂😂😂
Tomah Robinson
Tomah Robinson 11 days ago
#Rewatch Gang. I loved the line up...some of my favorite people.❤️🥰
Candice Marie Creations
Tamara Owoyemi
Tamara Owoyemi 11 days ago
Ally has one too many comments about big girls...
biggtonehsc 11 days ago
sydney makin android users look badd
Georg Temml
Georg Temml 11 days ago
Barbershop Retired AF hahahahahaha i`m dead!
George E.
George E. 11 days ago
Ohhhhhh the prescription hat 😂😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂
teedae 11 days ago
This the All Star line up
AlabamaPowell 11 days ago
Had to find the link for tickets to CP's comedy show. Hell, we MIght BE cousins; papa and grandpapa was a rolling stone. rushtix.com/events/chris-powell
Cp and Kev featuring... LIFE 👏🏼🙌🏼
Ralph Neal
Ralph Neal 11 days ago
#Rewatchgang...Finally got my guys CP and Syd on the same show, and my guy Ronnie fit right in
tracy tillery
tracy tillery 11 days ago
Yo! This has been the funniest episode in a LOOOONG time. CP and Ronnie never disappoint. Syd fine ass be funny too but he really amped up this episode. Keep doing the damn thang Tahir 🙌🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 🏎 (👈🏾my zooming emoji)
Germaine Thomas
Germaine Thomas 11 days ago
Evening from the Euro Zooming Krew! So glad to get the giggles. Happy to see CP cause it has been a while. Ronnie and Sydney are hysterical! Ladies are Divas! Ty always reminds me of my oldest sister. Love her. Ally is funny! You ALL are amazing! Y'all are the best evening! Big hugs to you all!
Leighton Fennell
Leighton Fennell 11 days ago
Pleaseeee do not switch to an hour yo...last night’s episode was a classsssic
Brigetta Freeman
Brigetta Freeman 11 days ago
If he get abs he gone do the whole show like Wizard Kelly lmao
Smilez_Uneeke 365
Smilez_Uneeke 365 11 days ago
Lmbo yesssss
EUROSIVE 11 days ago
No tahir please
Kenya V
Kenya V 12 days ago
YO!! Keep CP & Ronnie in rotation! Let them host when you need a break, Tahir!!
KWP 12 days ago
Rewatch gang on the east coast🙌🏾🥃
victoria Louis
victoria Louis 12 days ago
Rewatch gang 🥃
msvanisEE 12 days ago
I am still not over Tahir and this camera!!! It just looks so good!! And Tahir you should take whatever breaks you need. Only you know how much you do and how much energy you put out. If you have to only do an hour for a while in order to reclaim that energy and preserve your own self, DO IT!
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson 12 days ago
Ronnie said it's good seeing an Auntie doing the Lord's work. OMG I'm weak AF #TheLatifiahlizer 😂😂😂
RunItUp Gutta
RunItUp Gutta 12 days ago
This episode was hilarious. Ion think I went 2 mins without laughing. We need more Ronnie Jordan on ZWTH
tracy tillery
tracy tillery 11 days ago
Me either. Laughed the ENTIRE time 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Brittany Renee
Brittany Renee 12 days ago
You bet not change the show to one hour Tahir... WE DON'T GET NO SLEEP ROUND HERE!!!!!!
Shana_D 12 days ago
Bruh! When Ronnie said "When I put these hips on that Southwest flight baby!" I laughed for 15 straight minutes, I cried. I haven't laughed like that in years. Literally tears coming out my eyes. Ronnie is DUMBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
Ryan Mckeon
Ryan Mckeon 12 days ago
Yo Real Tears
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson 12 days ago
#RWG Yo Ty, CP, Sid, and Ronnie on this show is killin my sides. Lawd have mercy they are a whole ass mess 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Keep It Smooth
Keep It Smooth 12 days ago
Syd should put them cashapps to his light bill. He sitting in the dark like comed finally had enough🤣🤣🤣
JanniqueB89 12 days ago
Zooming with the homies by candlelight
jkirby123 12 days ago
Ronnie funny as hell
NiNi B
NiNi B 12 days ago
Sydney, CP, and Ronnie together is chef's kiss!
A H 12 days ago
S/o CP shirt! And Tahir coordinating. 👀🍊 P. S. Cp you are a handsome stylish dude. #complimentsforCP
A H 12 days ago
Syd got the r and b dj voice and I love it ♥️
A H 12 days ago
I'm answering every question that way from now on .. " in Jesus name "
URAmazing_247 12 days ago
Tahir, the conversation doesn't get good until an hour in. Please keep it two hours or move the time up
A H 12 days ago
Ally wild lol She got my follow. 🤣🤣 I love watching my dude eat too
A H 12 days ago
Ty trying not to laugh at ronnie pickup lines he he getting lol 🤣🤣🤣💀💀 And Tahir ty impression Killin me lol
A H 12 days ago
Ty came on glowing and showing the cleave! Get it mami! ♥️😘
A H 12 days ago
I can't w ronnie lol , 🤣🤣💀💀
A H 12 days ago
I always love the lineup whether it's my favs or nes ppl. Ronnie ty and cp?! I had to slide through. 👏
SW15H 12 days ago
Ally’s dog reads “48 Paws of Power”.
A H 12 days ago
Tahir as always the host with the most. Much love and appreciation to you for doing zwth.
Mr HOLLY ENGLISH 12 days ago
missJD227 11 days ago
Fezco Tucker
Fezco Tucker 12 days ago
Tahirs lean in when cp said he was tall😭😭
A H 12 days ago
Lol that was hilarious.
Byron Benbo
Byron Benbo 12 days ago
C.P. The Sip can't wait. Funny as hell
Coach_Hoodie_d Wells
#ReWatchGang 🤟🏾🎬🥃
Need a Martin skit with Ty in it
Redefine Apparel
Redefine Apparel 12 days ago
Ally can get it son
Cecilia Fagan
Cecilia Fagan 12 days ago
Rewatch gang🥃🥃🥃 from Dallas, TX power has been on for 6 hours hallelujah!
Diallo 12 days ago
This episode needs a choking hazard warning. I tried to eat while watching and almost choked twice. Had to pause the video to safely finish my dinner.
Anushka N
Anushka N 12 days ago
There's just no way this should have any dislikes....smh Orange is your color Tahir. Please don't change it to an hour this show has helped me through a lot :( but at the same time your mental/health matters. LOL I love Ty Davis Hey y'all hey. Ya'll have to follow Ty on tiktok too 😍😍😍😍. LOL Ronnie is a WHOLE fool lmao. Every time B Simone says HI people have an issue it's becoming too much. They been after this woman since she started her business. SHES NOT A PICK ME! Apparently B Simone can't even speak or think about ANYTHING. Nobody should be hanging on anyone's word anyway. Sydney was spot on. This was a dope show!!!
Chef_boyrufat onIG
Chef_boyrufat onIG 12 days ago
I miss all the Baltimore moments on here 😪 😭
MRiah W
MRiah W 12 days ago
The song is amazing at the beginning #RewatchGang
Breed X
Breed X 12 days ago
1:25:41 Everybody's reaction in unison when Ally said that was funny as shit. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
G1376LOVE 12 days ago
Without a doubt Ty Davis is AMAZING
Davina M
Davina M 12 days ago
Ronnie and CP together is exactly what I needed
Evolvingmama 12 days ago
1:03:50 everyone thinking CP was pretending to be froze 😂
Estelle Goueth
Estelle Goueth 12 days ago
Yo Sydney was wildin tonight 😂😂😂😂
Deneen Hawkins
Deneen Hawkins 12 days ago
Rewatch gang pulling up
maNcube 12 days ago
10k views💃💃💃💃💃 we are on one. Now to sort out the likes!!!!
Cornell Watts
Cornell Watts 12 days ago
The REWATCH GANG SGT at ARMS is in the building!
Dani Gray
Dani Gray 12 days ago
10-4 ! #rewatchgang
Nomi Mohini
Nomi Mohini 12 days ago
31:32 Ally disciplining her child 😂 Great show! #RWG 🔥
a98176 12 days ago
jake 12 days ago
#REWATCHGANG Tahir just a suggestion, cause i'm selfish, please don't cut the time to one hour. I think you should have other people host whenever you too tired. I see you putting in that work but I believe someone like CP, Tony, BT or so many others could hold their own. Whatever you decide to do I'm rocking with you and ZWTH. Respect
Ava Holloway
Ava Holloway 10 days ago
Nick Carthan asks good questions too
AlabamaPowell 11 days ago
I agree. I know I'm aging myself but even Johnny Carson had a night where he let Jay Leno fill in for him.
Mars Hamilton
Mars Hamilton 11 days ago
Keep It Smooth
Keep It Smooth 12 days ago
I agree, please don't cut it to one hour. Nick showed you he could do it and we all know CP would be a Smooth host but some of us haven't missed an episode and said something when you cut it to just two hours. You can't cut it to just one
YaGurlA.Simone 12 days ago
Oh no I missed wen he said that 😱😱 I hope not
Mike Hall
Mike Hall 12 days ago
🤣😭Roast beef republic
Estelle Goueth
Estelle Goueth 12 days ago
Please don't switch to an hour. We need the 2 hours. I hate that Black people don't respect shit especially when it's their friends. They should already know Tahir is on time. I bet they pull up ahead of time for Hollywood shit though. Smh
Dorans Blade
Dorans Blade 12 days ago
But if the time is impeding on Tahir’s health, then he needs to do what’s best for him. I think it’s more about him losing sleep and the inability to unwind after a long day and less about people not respecting the time.
hermit_artemis 12 days ago
I. Am. Crying. You all have no sense and I love it. Ronnie needs to be on every episode, on every show, forever.
brandon mason
brandon mason 12 days ago
"Take yo ass to pizza republic"-Cp😂😂😂
hermit_artemis 12 days ago
International rewatch gang gang. No matter how many times I hear it, man, that intro is a banger
Sean Wallace
Sean Wallace 12 days ago